Unable to install emby skill direct from github repo

I’ve been trying to install the emby skill from the authors github, as per his instructions:


I did new install of the picroft image on a raspberry pi B+:

(.venv) pi@mycroft:~ $ msm install https://github.com/rickyphewitt/emby-skill 
INFO - Downloading skill: https://github.com/rickyphewitt/emby-skill
INFO - Installing system requirements...
INFO - Installing requirements.txt for emby
INFO - Successfully installed emby


(.venv) pi@mycroft:~ $ cat /opt/mycroft/skills/emby.rickyphewitt/emby_client.py | grep -i artist
ARTIST_INSTANT_MIX_URL = "/Artists/InstantMix"
    ARTIST = "MusicArtist"
(.venv) pi@mycroft:~ $ 

when I download the github onto my desktop:

[brianr@bjrfeddesktop emby-skill-master]$ cat emby_client.py | grep -i artist
ARTIST_INSTANT_MIX_URL = "/Artists/InstantMix"
ITEMS_ALBUMS_URL = ITEMS_URL + "/?SortBy=SortName&SortOrder=Ascending&IncludeItemTypes=MusicAlbum&Recursive=true&" + ITEMS_ARTIST_KEY + "="
ITEMS_SONGS_BY_ARTIST_URL = ITEMS_URL + "/?SortBy=SortName&SortOrder=Ascending&IncludeItemTypes=Audio&Recursive=true&" + ITEMS_ARTIST_KEY + "="
    def get_albums_by_artist(self, artist_id):
        url = ITEMS_ALBUMS_URL + str(artist_id)
    def get_songs_by_artist(self, artist_id, limit=None):
        url = ITEMS_SONGS_BY_ARTIST_URL + str(artist_id)
    ARTIST = "MusicArtist"
[brianr@bjrfeddesktop emby-skill-master]$ 

as you can see it does not appear to have installed from the github, but from the current version of emby.

ok, found the problem - the msm install command needs to use the -l option.

msm -l install https://github.com/rickyphewitt/emby-skill 
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Glad you worked it out.

Just in case anyone else is reading along in the future, once it’s installed you can also work with the Skill just like any other git repo, so you can checkout a different branch etc if you want to.