Unable to configure skills because device marked Dormant

I have a Pi 3B+ running Mycroft. On the device, I installed the Spotify skill using voice control. However, when I log into my account to configure it, the device is listed as Dormant, and does not seem synchronized, as it does not show the recently-installed Spotify skill. How can I reconnect my Picroft device to my account so that I can configure the skills?

Alternatively, is there a way for me to locally configure the Spotify and/or other skills?

Hey Sung,

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The easiest way to re-pair your device is to delete the identity info on your device. This is located at ~/.mycroft/identity/identity2.json
If you delete or move that file and restart Mycroft it will give you a new pairing code that you can setup at https://home.mycroft.ai/devices/add