Unable to boot PiCroft

Hi everyone,
After flashing the PiCroft image on my SD card using Etcher, I’m unable to boot into the operating system. I’m using my new Pi model 3B+ for this project. When I power it, the red LED starts blinking; four times fast, four times slow, in a loop. The rainbow screen appears on my monitor with a lightning bolt icon in the top right corner. I’m using a Respeaker mic-array hat for this project, so at first I thought my power supply was the problem (Official Pi charger, 5.1V 2.5A). However, after removing the hat I still couldn’t boot into PiCroft, while I was able to boot into Raspbian just fine.
I’m really having trouble figuring this out. I tried formatting and flashing the image multiple times without succes. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Edit: The SD card I’m using came with NOOBS installed on it. Could something have gone wrong with formatting the partitions?

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I don’t think the 3B+ is “officially” supported but I think others had success.
Try here for some more information, Good Luck!


Ahh, that explains a lot hahah! I guess I’ll have to wait for a PiCroft update then, I can’t seem to find a solution. Right now I’m trying to install MyCroft on a Raspbian environment as a workaround. Thanks for the reply!

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