Tv remote controls

We are developing a TV remote control for aging community, people with disabilities and everyone who is unhappy using the multibutton remotes offered today. We would like to incorporate Voice Activation to the remote for the blind and others who would benefit. What is involved to incorporate Mycroft software to our system to achieve this objective to operate any TV or Set Top Box.

You’d have to write a skill for mycroft to do what you want. Start here:

Is there a description for a non-programmer to understand this type of PROJECT timeframe/cost/skillsets?

Currently no, but I think @KathyReid is working on a new set of documentation to help anyone from beginner to advance to get started.

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Hi @larrydiamond this sounds like a really exciting project, particularly given the rise in the aging population. What you’re aiming to do is an advanced and complex project, and I think a first step would be to have a conversation with our excellent business development VP, @eric-mycroft so that we can better understand your needs, the scope of your project and the type of technology that you require.

At this stage, our documentation is focused primarily on developers and programmers.

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