TTS not working aymore


since yesterday the text to speech is not working anymore but I haven’t changed anything.

I was working on skills development and the cli is working fine. When I say the wake word I hear the small sound, that mycroft is listening but after once I ask my question, I never hear the answer. He writes down the result in the cli but he doesn’t speak it out. Is there a way to debug more ? Or to see the status of the TTS server. (I haven’t installed it locally)
Thank you

I checked the audio.log and here is the output

Ok, I don’t know why, but for an unknown, after several restart of the server it works again.

Shooting a bit out of the hip here, but I believe that you normally use Mimic2 (external), Mycroft for whatever reason can not acces the remote Mimic2 server and tries to fall back at Mimic1 locally, however is not compiled and installed.

I believe you can solve it by running the dev_setup script again with the -fm addition.

./ -fm

That should compile and install Mimic1, a local TTS program.