TTS For German with Espeak way to many Words Per Minutes

Hey there, I am completely New so feel free to correct me and point me in the Right Direction if I am doing something wrong.

I got Mycroft to Work with the Espeak TTS and the German Voice Mbrola 5.

But I have a problem, the Words per Minute Spoken from Espeak are way too many as the Default is 170.

If I call Espeak from command line I have a Switch with -S to manually set the Words per minute.

Anyone got an Idea and can me point in the Right Direction on how to set the Words per Minutes with Espeak within mycroft?

Thanks for your Help!

I think you can simply add -s in the config under voice

Thank you for your fast Response!
I saw you are very Actively Contributing to the German Mycroft, props to you for that.

If i understood that correctly i should add the -s Switch in the mycroft.conf Config File.

Under Voice, for me i understand that as two Possible Options:

  1. “voice”: “german-mbrola-5 -s 100” → Saddly Doesn’t Work.
  2. “-s”: “100” → Saddly doesn’t Work either.

Could you clarify if i am doing something wrong?
Also im looking to Extend the Espeak Command with Sox to make it more of a Robot Voice.

Is there an Option to add that to Config as well or do i need to dive into the Code?