TTS configuration


I’ve just installed mycroft on an ubuntu. I can ‘./ start’ then say ‘hey mycroft news’ and I hear a news feed. :slight_smile:

then I install mimic from withing mycroft-core/mimic and I can ‘./bin/mimic -t ‘hello’’ and I hear it.

If I say “hey mycroft, what’s the weather” I do see a written response watching $ screen -r mycroft-skills,
{“type”: “speak”, “data”: {“utterance”: "Right now, … :slight_smile:

But it doesn’t get spoken by mimic.

What am I missing?


I have the same problem, have you found a solution in the meantime?


If I understand the issue…

Mycroft uses the tool “mpg123” to play the mp3 with the NPR news, skill “npr_news” (see mycroft.conf, line “play_mp3_cmdline”).

The answer to “what’s the weather” uses another output channel. It is not based in “mpg123” nor in “mimic -t”.

When mimic is configured as tts, it uses “aplay” command (see “play_wav_cmdline” in config) to play the result of the tts conversion.

I suggest you test with this command. Could be it is need add an argument “-D” to the command.

Kind regards.