Trying to install NLTK


Ive installed NLTK with pip and pip3 Python doesnt see it when I import it within a mycroft skill script. Could someone tell me how to install it for use in mycroft scripts?


picroft? git? mk1?

Did you install it in the virtualenv as well or just to the system?

mycroft on ubuntu.

i don’t know how to install on the virtualenv. I guess that’s my question: how do I pip to the virtualenv?

if you’re in a prompt that indicates (venv) then you should be fine. If not you have to start it…probably cd into the mycroft-core directory, then source .venve/bin/activate maybe?

Hi @SwampMidget

To activate the virtual environment, cd into your mycroft-core directory and run:
From here you can install packages using pip

If this is a dependency for your skill you will need to add the name of the package into requirements.txt in the root directory of your skill. The Mycroft Skills Manager will then check that all of the required dependencies are available as it installs the skill on any future device.