Trouble after update

Hi everyone, here’s a Belgium guy spending time on RPi and Mycroft. It is eating a lot of time, but I’m learning a lot so that is good. I had Mycroft working nicely, until I went for Amy’s voice. I changed the wake call to “Hey Suzanne” as it took a while to install Amy, I guess the original male voice kept answering. The voice was okay after a while, but then the mic didn’t work anymore, Inputing commands via CLI went okay, and Amy’s voice answered. Not listening to the wake word anymore though.

I thought no problem, and I created a new SD card for a second device. The voice speaks and tells me it is going to update. After the update I get the following error all the time:

19:19:10.832 - - ERROR - Exception(“Uncaught ‘error’ event.”,)

Anyone any ideas or direction for me to look into?

Thanks, Bill

Hi there again, this intelligence is wonderful. The male pi is now responding to “Hey Suzanne” and answering in the male voice

I caught one other message when it was not working before:
19:19:45.933 - - WARNING - WS Client will reconnect in 40 seconds.

…but I can play again it seems. Any hints or help is welcome though.


My final question this evening: can it be that when configuring Amy the mic doesn’t work anymore? I have put settings back to the male voice and Mycroft as wake word and all of a sudden the mic meter works again, and so does Mycroft.

This RPi I keep as working unit for now. Hopefully I can get some help to get Amy’s voice to work.

It’s fun though, folks please keep up the good work.


Thanks for reporting this, @william.stassen. Are you able to upload your Mycroft logs? You can find them in /var/log/ ie,

ls -las /var/log/ | grep mycroft

Kind regards,

Hi Kathy, I’ll try Amy’s voice another time this evening and post the logs here. To get Mycroft to work again quickly, I dd’d the sd card with the original image file. A weak move I know, and also forgive me if it doesn’t work out today, I’ll keep trying.

Hi Kathy, no logs yet, but answers to your other question:

  1. Picroft on RPi3: YES
  2. Version 18.2.0
  3. Microphone: USB ID 8086:0808
  4. Boots OK: YES
  5. Pairs OK: YES
  6. Listens to Wake Word: YES, now “hey Microft”
  7. Does respond to commands, verbally as well as from CLI

All is working fine. Next I’ll try and install Amy’s voice and see what happens.

Amy’s voice is working, and responding to mic. Now changing the wake word to “hey Suzanne” (HH EY . S UW Z AE N .) and curious what will happen.

Hi Kathy, I have Amy’s voice installed now, and all except for the weather is good in Belgium.

I have renamed Mycroft to Suzanne, and it is working like a clock. She even told me her weight (body mass index 23.42) and her age (8 years 9 months 21.95 days, (right now)). She didn’t even sounded annoyed by that.

Summarizing; everything works well, I don’t think and know that I did something different from the first try and the good news is; it’s working.

Thanks for the support.

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Well… I asked Suzanne to sing a song, and she reacted with a very deep male voice (the original Mycroft voice). When I asked her name after “stop” Amy’s voice reacted and answered with Suzanne (the name I gave this device).

Any idea why not the song with Amy’s voice?

Good question @william.stassen. My guess is that that song Skill uses a call to mimic and the call is hard-coded to the Alan Pope voice, but @forslund may be able to confirm.

Best, Kathy

The mycroft sing skill uses prerecorded files (provided by Alan Pope himself) if I’m remembering things correctly and currently there’s no similar production using amy’s voice.

Good morning both, thanks for the reply. I guess my expectation was off, somehow I expected the TTS to read form the lyrics. I understand from Forslund’s reply that “sing a song” is something prerecorded.

I’m pretty sure it must be somewhere, but I haven’t found it yet. Is there something like a higher level visualization of the system, breaking down into the used modules? If so could you please post the link. I think it would be very useful for laymen like myself.

Grtz from this side of the world.