Triggering Services in Home Assistant? (Mycroft + HA + Harmony Hub)

Hi there,
I am currently looking into Home Assistant as platform for further integrations aka mycroft control. As triggering Harmony Hub Activities directly via mycroft seems not possible/too frickelfrackelly, it is pretty easy to integrate the Harmony Hub into HA, where triggering Activities is simple with HA services.
The GitHub/Skill-page “only” covers scenes within HA, but I have no clue how to get to the Harmony activities/servcies at this point.
Does anyone here have an idea how to realize this?
Thanks in advance

I would like to see the same thing for my Harmony Hub. I have scripts in Home Assistant to toggle my device on an off with my Harmony Hub. I have also tried to configure an Input Boolean but I can not find any examples of how to call an Input Boolean with Mycroft key words.

Any direction would be great.

I just found additional commands listed on GitHub for Home Assistant.

I was successful configuring two Home Assistant Scripts to “toggle” my Fireplace On or Off with the Mycroft Command “Run SCRIPT Fireplace On” and “Run SCRIPT Fireplace Off”

Since the Fireplace Power command is just an On/Off toggle, both commands execute the same Harmony Hub “PowerToggle” command. While this is not perfect, it accomplishes verbalizing either “Off” or “On”

I currently do not have a way to check the state of the fireplace so this will do for now.

Hey Schicklin, welcome to the Forums!

Glad you found a way to toggle the on/off scripts. There is so much functionality in Home Assistant, the Skill is certainly not complete.

The Mycroft team won’t be working on it for a while, so if anyone is interested in trying to add in support for the Harmony Hub, we’ll provide whatever advice we can.

I found out that it works pretty easy.

  • For my lights I just defined different scenes with a transition time. I just say “hey mycroft, activate -purple heart-”, then there is a pretty (not perfect) transition between the current and the chosen scene.

  • As the Harmony Hub is integrated in HA, you can get access to all commands as seen in the created harmony_REMOTENAME.conf (see link above).

  • With this I created an “all stuff covering” script to (de)activate all kind of devices.

  • Until now mycroft works fine with all scripts, scenes and automations

  • Furthermore you can integrate more into the hub via a “Fake Roku”, where you can bind non-harmony devices to harmony commands (not tested yet but should work in HA)

Hope it helps, as always things are easy after you found out how it works :wink:

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lol absolutely

Thanks for sharing your process for others!