Travel Time skill

It surprised me a skill like this doesn’t seem to exist yet, at least not in the marketplace! So I hacked this together in an hour or two. Bug reports on GitHub please!

How to install Travel Time Skill

msm install

How to test Travel Time Skill

Try to see if you can get info on the route to a certain location and cross-reference it with something like Google Maps to see if it makes sense :slight_smile:


damn, i read time travel :frowning:


It installs and settings show up t home.

As far as I can tell it finds cities and kilometers right. Great skill.

And @JarbasAl a time travel skill can’t be made until someone makes a skill emulating a flux capasitor.

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great, thanks! how to set work location for example?

Log in to, go to Skill Settings, then click Travel Time and set a value for Work :slight_smile: