- variables and tags in translation?

Hi all,

I have read the blog about and I thought it is great. I do have a quick question.

What should be done with the text between {{ }} or { } or (|) or < > ?
Could you please indicate for each one if it should be translated or not?

For example: (at|in|for) (?P.*)
Should anything within the above example from skill-date-time-nl.po be translated?


Thanks so much for your feedback @Ralf, and thank you for signing up on Mycroft Translate.
We’re still working through the online help for Pootle, but the below might be helpful:

text in {{ }}

This text should be ignored - these are entities which are used programmatically.

text in ( word| another word)

This text should be translated - the words in brackets separated by a pipe are alternative phrases in .dialog files.

Words like (?P<Command>.?)

These are regex matches in Intents / .voc files. The parts in < > signs should not be translated.

Hope this helps, and thanks again for all your help in translating!

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Seems like a day doesn’t go by that I don’t discover something new with In your examples above, I was aware of the {{ }}, and (?P< Command>.?) but I was NOT aware of the ( word| another word). Are these details documented anywhere? In the past week I have manged to stumble across.

  1. The ability to add mutiple @ decorators for a single intent
  2. the one_of() option for intent builder
  3. and now the ( word| another word)
    Wondering how many other features are available to skills developers that are not immediately obvious.:thinking:
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Thank you for the clear explanation. I will go through the translations that I committed and update them accordingly. I will inform others about your post.

The Mycroft project is so :sunglasses:

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