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glad to see translations coming up. From the newsletter:

Is a new account required or is the “community” one, required for the forums, supposed to work?
Two things:

  1. When trying to log in with my community account it tells me the “name” can only be 30 characters - the e-mail I’m using has 39
    I think that should be fixed. I’m using accounts with this pattern to be able to see if a security breach has happend / what the source of spam is / was and to verify incoming mails easily. Would love to be able to continue using this method. I’m not sure where the limitation is coming from but maybe you could investigate.

  2. From the newsletter I’m assuming the SSO is not yet complete but being worked on?

So it’d appear a new account is required?
Will we be able to merge accounts when SSO is complete?

Hi there @dottedfish, great feedback. It’s very early days for us with the Mycroft Translate platform. Unfortunately at the moment you will need to use a separate account to log in - it’s not yet integrated with the Mycroft SSO infrastructure, but we plan to do this in the future.

We won’t be able to fix the 30 character limit with the username, as this limit is set in the Django-based Pootle platform. Every customization we make - such as character limit - is something that may then trip us up on future upgrades.

Best, Kathy


How is the “suggest” function intended to be used?
I have tagged some phrases as suggestion. To some of them other users added alternative suggestions.
What should happen now? Is there some “authority” who decides which suggestion will make it in the end?

Great questions, @dominik. We’re still finalising some of the finer points, but essentially we are going to open up each of the languages to have a Community-based languages ‘Chair’. The role of the Chair will be to assess the suggestions and approve them into the corpus for that language. Stay tuned for more communications around this!