Translate Lingua Franca on Github

Hello there,

I just want to ask how can I translate Lingua Franca into Galician Language on Github. I am not a professional of this so I ask for help here. I f you could give some simple instructions of how to do it and how to put folders with this new language, I will be very grateful.

Is Galician that different from Portuguese that you can’t use googlecloud stt gl-ES, but running mycroft/google tts language pt/pt-PT? Is such mix even possible?

If this is a “off the grid” kind of direction, oh boy. Hopefully got some vacation time left. I guess you have to expand on the purpose of this endeavour.

LF contributor here. I didn’t see this post at the time, but for anyone wondering:

Lingua Franca’s repository now contains instructions at, and (in order to be sure a contributor notices within 6 months =P) questions can be addressed to the ~languages channel at MycroftAI’s chat server.