Tomorrow's weather

Noticed this the last few days… Asking for tomorrow’s weather forecast and the response is the forecast for today.

CLI output:
History =======================================
tell me tomorrow’s weather

today it will be broken clouds with a high
of 21 and a low of 10

Clearly understanding the word “tomorrow”… Anyone else experiencing?


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Yes, this is a known issue and will be addressed in a future update of the weather-skill.

Biiiiig update to the Weather Skill coming shortly - I’ll post when it’s ready for some beta testers

There have been a number of these datetime issues in there which basically stem from inconsistent handling of timezone information.

We’ve known about them for a while but have been focused on getting the base software for the Mark II out. Now that’s out in the wild the team has turned back to the Skills layer and fixing up bugs like this in the core Skills.

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That’s nice, I have the same issue !

Ah, fab. Looking forward to the update!

Also looking forward to this. I tried phrasing my request to get tomorrow’s weather several different ways and it kept insisting on giving me today’s.

The same applies, incidentally, to the weather forecast for certain days of the week. If you ask for the weather for for example Thursday, Mycroft will give you the weather for Wednesday (always the day before).
This was probably already known, but if not, it might be useful in solving the problem.

The update is in beta. You can tell Mycroft to install the beta weather skill if you want to test the latest. The update should make it to all devices in the near future.