Tips for Mycroft installation

Hello everyone !

I discovered the Mycroft AI project about a week ago and I’m really excited about it.
I have an old computer unit that I’m planning to use for several project, which I installed Ubuntu Server on it since Ubuntu is the only Linux distribution I am comfortable with.

I managed to install Mycroft Core and to have work with a headset microphone. The only drawback is the media. I have found terminal-based media player but I can’t seem to control my music with Mycroft.

Has anyone tried installing Mycroft core on a similar device ? Does anyone has any tips or suggestion for a better lightweight distro that would support media players, especially spotify ?

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Hey there @john-ee,

We currently support Mycroft under Ubuntu or for RPi 3 with Picroft.

You might be interested in the Mopidy skill as this supports Spotify too.

Thanks @KathyReid.
I initially installed Ubuntu Server, which only has a terminal.
I went with Xubuntu and I finally got Mopidy with Spotify working.

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That’s awesome @john-ee, great to hear you got it working!