Time and timezone issues

I just installed mycroft in a raspberry pi but was immediately disappointed with my first attempt of asking very basic questions.

When I ask for today’s weather, my question is correctly understood but it sometimes responds by calling it “yesterday’s” weather - when using relative terms like yesterday/tomorrow/today, it is comparing UTC-0 to my current time. When I ask for the sunset time, I get the time of my local sunset converted to UTC-0. I have verified all the time settings correct and even tried overloading them in mycroft.conf. It looks like there have been bug reports with these for a while:

I guess I’m wondering… are such big bugs common? I was excited to get into open source voice assistants and perhaps start doing some simple development work, but if this is the state of things it has a ways to go.

That is a known issue and was recently discussed in Mycroft Chat as well. Rumor has it that a major rework of Weather-Skill is currently in the works where the time/zones issues will be addressed…

Biiiiig update to the Weather Skill coming shortly - I’ll post when it’s ready for some beta testers

There have been a number of these datetime issues in there which basically stem from inconsistent handling of timezone information.

We’ve known about them for a while but have been focused on getting the base software for the Mark II out. Now that’s out in the wild the team has turned back to the Skills layer and fixing up bugs like this in the core Skills.

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