Thumb drive dependency and Support Skill

I’m leaving this Mycroft Mark II as vanilla as possible… Probably going to hack the other one.
I’m in no hurry… as long as there is movement. But… I am wondering about two things:

  1. am I supposed to be able to remove the USB thumb drive and leave the Mark II able to run on its own? If I remove it, it stops currently.
  2. Isn’t the “Support” skill supposed to work on Mark II as well? Will it ever without me hacking it?

I must say, if the Mark II is to be consumer ready… it’s not, and more documentation would’ve been a minimum

Perhaps with the Mark III, I guess.


The operating system (and all the skills you install) live on the thumb drive. I noticed when I was doing a teardown of mine that there wasn’t a micro SD card in use. You might be able to boot to a micro SD card if you put on in the Mycroft and ensure the boot happened from there instead of a USB.