This AM mycroft has stopped speaking to me

no audio from MC but it recognizes my commands…

Seems TTS is offline and audio.log is trying to fallback to

Exception: Mimic was not found. Run to install it.

Is Mycroft AI having an outtage?

It seems you are still using classic mycroft, it has been unmaintained for a long time now

Mycroft’s development has stopped, you most likely want to try OVOS/Neon instead

huh? so why to mycroft server for TTS stop?

by default the TTS in classic mycroft is mimic2, which is online, if the server is down then you get no TTS output, the error you shared indicates mimic1 (offline fallback) is not installed, so when mimic2 fails there is nothing there to speak out the message

as mentioned you are using abandoned code, there is noone left in the mycroft team to support the mycroft-core repository anymore, this likely won’t be fixed and i doubt Mimic2 will come up again, there is noone left to even restart the server AFAIK

you really should move to either OVOS or Neon, if you want to stay in classic mycroft then install mimic1 and it should start working, until the main server also goes down…

oh crap. so my elderly parents system is now dead!!!

any idea how to port my existing system to OVOS and or Neon?

I installed mimic 2 per install script but upon reboot it still says it is not installed.

you may want to join the ovos chat for help

OVOS is the continuation of mycroft-core, should be fairly easy to move over and things are still mostly compatible, might be a bumpy transition with lacking docs and all that entails, but we will get you back up and running! the goods news is that ovos is fully offline/self hosted, so once you get it setup you won’t get into this situation again, if you dont update OVOS nothing breaks as it doesnt depend on our servers


what is the URL for getting started on OVOS

where do i find

Not sure if you ever joined the ovos matrix chat, but that is a very active chat with a lot of support.

Also check out our docs on installing ovos