The weather skill install itself automatic

The weather skill install itself automatic
any way to keep it from returning after uninstall?

I run on kde neon

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Yo can blacklist skills in mycroft.conf

you can edit the system or user mycroft.conf by the command

mycroft-config edit system


mycroft-config edit user

Thanks, than that is solved :slight_smile:

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I experienced the same problem with player control skill, I control mpd on HA , via mqtt.
Thanks, too,…

but this does not stop the installation, only stop’s the skill from running

Aha, what I wanted was, to get rid off “play” utterance mismatch, I was offered with Pandora and Netlix. I must admit this probably occured when I had a bug in my code. Now it is OK, does an alphapbet order play role in skill utterance priority?

there is an // priority skills to be loaded first function in the mycroft.conf file

I’m not sure if it’s just load priority, or work priority as well…

@petr The utterance “play” is handled by the common play framework. Since multiple skills need to use the utterance play, there can be a lot of clashes. What the framework does is it asks all the common play skills if they can handle the request (like if they can play that song). Then once the skills respond, the framework chooses one skill to fulfill the request (based on confidence levels).

You can learn more about it in the docs:

Thanks a lot for an explanatory message and also apologize for not browsing doc properly. What You Are ref to is a great tool when it comes in place more complex utterance which is not my case curently, definitely later on. If I may, have a still one next question. Is it possible handel the moment after the hot word is spoken? The reason is, that I would like to issue command to mute media player and so protect “mycroft” from a trash noice.

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You can register listner_started and then do something when that happens

    def handle_listener_started(self, message):
        # code to excecute when active listening begins...

Thanks a lot for the clue, now I am there, I wanted to be, works fine,…

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Hi, unfortunately I got in a “cool de sack” again. I installed a client: “mycroft-pip install mycroft-messagebus-client”. Than I modified in : ~/mycroft-core/mycroft/messagebus/client ,
as follows:

def initialize(self):

def handle_listener_started(self, message):‘After wakeword ssssssssssssssssss XXxxxxx’)

Imports seems to be fine, no exception,… Suprisingly it worked for the first run, however after than it stoped work. I checked code many times. Thx for Your attention to this,…

Hi, after some time I got back to the problem in question. Finaly I solved it like that: I created a new “dummy” skill. Its only purpose is to pause media player running on a separate raspberry pi when a wake word is spoken and Mycroft is about to listen an utterance. Here is a snip of code:

def initialize(self):
def handler_wakeword(self, message):
    client.connect(broker, port=port)

It works fine, when I call “Hey Mycroft” the player gets mute immediately and Mycroft can receive the utterance without a noice.