The oppisite of me!


It’s quite a beast, do you have any projects in mind that need the extra RAM?

Nah but was also just posting as Raspbian Arm64 is now a thing with above link, due to 8gb.
Also nolonger Raspbian but RaspiOS

I was looking at a distributed filesystem that needs a lot of ram from memory but each Mycroft you add becomes part a singular network drive.

Load the full rootfs (probably squashfs formatted) into memory and use systemd mount overlays for /etc /home etcetera as writable onto the SD or USB.

Than your whole OS runs read-only from memory. Can imagine that might give a boost in snappy-ness :smiley:

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I think that is something like what xtreemfs does as its this sort of blockchain file system but for speed the main co-ordinator holds it or cache in memory.

But 64bit raspberry is now a thing! Which on a Pi4 actually does give perf improves not to be sniffed at.

64bit is not only a thing. 5.4 LTS linux kernel + proper mesa3d is also quite nice now. Combined with 64bit, is something I have compiling seperately as we speak :wink:

Yeah raspbian 64 bit is released that is all I am saying, been a long time in the waiting. Well they are calling it beta but had to have something for 8gb or it was a bit of a joke.