The OpenSUSE package is very old

Mycroft’s development has stopped, you most likely want to try OVOS/Neon instead

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@JarbasAl, do you know whether they have a Discourse forum like this one?

He is we, and we’ve taken over this one! More accurately, one of the things MycroftAI signed over to NeonAI is control of the Mycroft forum, and so long as it’s still being maintained, OVOS sees no reason to add an additional forum to the mix. We’re all here.

It’s been a real challenge to communicate what happened, though. When the OVOS Foundation is finished incorporating, we’ll do some PR and branding stuff around the FOSSverse that might help the situation.


we have matrix chat room, Neon is currently maintaining this forum and OVOS members are also admins, these remain the official forums of the mycroft community at large

we also have discussions on github for OVOS

PS: you can see in our avatars a badge indicating when someone is a ovos/neon team member

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