The movie 'Her' is coming to real life soon

I am about to get the Bragi Dash Pro and it’s going to have Alexa integration soon:

Any ideas for things I should build around it? The obvious one is Aleka skill but what about Open Source? I am looking for the day I can build a mobile website that will allow me to interact with Audio based AI…

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Whenever I am cycling I always seem to get great ideas. It would be great to have a good STT notepad that will dictate my scattered ideas, then read it back to me before it sends it to me via email. Potentially let me send it to others as well.

great idea!

Here is my ideal flow. Let me know what you think:
Before you go on your bike, you open with your mobile browser and close the phone. You bike and dictate a few ideas. You go back to the website and can share it with multiple emails and can also make a POST request with the ideas to a few endpoints that you choose.

I believe this requires a Lex-like service for mycroft (HTTP endpoint that receive your voice and make HTTP call to and I am not sure if the phone can be closed and still listen to your voice. Also I assume it also requires an invocation word.

Oh, cannot believe I just register and come here see the first topic is about this movie. Yes, the movie. Wonderful. I cannot remember how many times I’ve rewatch this movie. Samantha. It’s like a dream for me. I resigned my job and come back to university. Trying to specialize on NLP. The thing that I make decision to do for my rest life is to pursue the “Samantha”.

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The flow is not bad, but i think a more voice centric flow would be to just do everything voice command. Idea’s comes at random time, so it would be great to just say Mycroft (or whatever assistant you choose) note down “blah blah blah” as an idea. The assistant would store the notes in the context of an “idea”. Then you can say Mycroft, please email me the idea’s i’ve noted in the past couple of days.

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That trailer was hilarious!