The cows lists updated with feature: complete task


You can now ask the cows lists skill to mark a task complete, see the details in the README on github:

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I found that a restart of Mycroft is required after updating, if you get an error in “read list”.

A new update is out, solving the live update problem!
As I wrote yesterday, the live update of the cows lists had a problem, and restarting Mycroft would solve it.
This latest update fix that problem. For those of you using the cows lists, and who have not restarted Mycroft, all functionality should be back soon, no restart needed.

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add to my list doesn’t seem to work - "Can you rephrase that?.."
Even when I follow the syntax descriptions from the installation files exactly - and using the cli to type the commands to rule out misunderstanding by the speech system.
No matter what I say or type in cli, adding doesn’t get recognized.
Reading the lists, complete items etc. work quite well after I add an item directly at the cow-site.
What could be the reason?

Hi Neon

Thanks for the feedback.
Yes, using the CLI to troubleshoot is the way to go. There are two way to add an item:

  • add milk to my inbox list
  • add milk to list inbox

Did you try both?

Unfortunately, I can’t reproduce the problem. But since Mycroft ask you to rephrase it does hear you say something. In the log in the CLI, do you see this:
DEBUG - {“type”: “recognizer_loop:utterance”, “data”: {“lang”: “en-us”, “utterances”: [“add milk to my inbox list”]}, “context”: null}

Regards Carsten