The cows lists ready for python3, and a bug fix

The cows lists can now run on the latest mycroft-core dev branch (18.2.6b I think), on Python3.
The python 2 version is waiting for a PR on mycroft-skills branch 18.02.

Unfortunately the updated skill is not backward compatible, hence the two versions.

If you can’t wait for the PR to be accepted, and you can live with the risk, I have included instructions on installing directly from my GitHub in the README.

And the bug fix: Non english characters in lists and tasks will not cause an error anymore, in the Python 3 version.


It seems that mycroft-skills branch 18.02 actually is the Python 3 branch from today. The cows lists for 18.2.6b is now a PR for mycroft-skills branch 18.02.

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This new version also follows the Mycroft skill naming standard. Due to this change, you probably have to manually remove any old versions of the cows lists that was installed before Mycroft-core 18.02. Instructions in the README.

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