The cows lists just got a development branch


A development branch (dev) has been created for the cows lists.

The code on the development branch has passed Mycroft testrunner, and the unit tests in the cows lists. However, it has not been tested by a real user, speaking to Mycroft.

As some of you might know, I have “production branches” named after Mycroft versions, like for instance 18.2.6b for the Python 3 version of the cows lists. The production versions are tested by users, and are installed by the Mycroft installer upon request.

The development branch will receive new features first, if you decide to try it out I would welcome any feedback. Any errors or improvements are easier to fix on the development branch.

Currently the development branch does not offer any new features, but compared to the production branches it has been refactored, to prepare for new things to come. Some language dependant stuff has been moved to configuration files, and grammar has been corrected for tasks due.


Awesome work, @CarstenA

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