The 60% Solution - April Release

Hey guys,

We have a bunch of people who ordered perks on Kickstarter that will be shipped in April. We are aiming to get that stuff out the door by April 2nd. We are aiming for a 60% solution by April, because that is realistic. With 80% by July, and then finally 100%(ish) by October. You can read more about that in this blog post:

What does this mean? We, as a community, will need to work together to build on top of the foundations that we are releasing in April. The core should be there, but the skills on top of that are still rough - we will engage and provide resources to add to Mycroft’s abilities. Adapt and Mimic have already benefited immensely from the support of all of you, and we are hoping you will do the same for the Mycroft project.

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Here I reveal my ignorance. As a backer, how do I know if I’m in the 60, 80 or 100% group? My pledge has an estimated deliver of July 2016.

@Eric_Beyer April is the 60%, July will be the 80% (Beta), and October should be 100%. Of course the software will continue to update as you own it, so you should always be receiving improvements and new skills for the unit.

So how do I know which group I am in? The kickstarter page has me listed as an early adopter.

You will be under 80%, which will have most of the features baked in. Over the next few months following that you should continue to receive updates. By October all the promised skills should be available on the platform.


Don’t want to jinx it, but this is so far one of the best and most timely kickstarter projects I have ever come across. Keep it up! :smiley:

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Thank you @A-Doal - please continue to let us know what you think, and your ideas here in the forum. We only succeed if we all form a powerful community!