Testing and feedback - Wikihow

WikiHow Skill

How to do nearly everything.


Ever wondered about how to boil an egg, or the best way to brush your teeths. This skill enables
Mycroft to anser a lot of “how to” questions with step by step guide. More detailed
information can be asked afterwods.

Information is comming from wikihow.com


  • “how to boil an egg”
  • “give me a random how to”
  • “explain better”


Great! Wikihow support multiple languages, does your skill let to set one of the compatible languages on the wikihow site?

yes, supports all languages, if language is missing from wikihow it will use english and google translate

Installed on picroft, works. Using voice.

  • Tested the “how to boil an egg”. OK
  • Tested the “give me a random how to”. ERROR
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is this with voice only or using gui?

id very much like this skill to be useful also without a gui, and intents are designed that way, so im looking for feedback mostly in how to improve this front

actually the original skill didnt even use the gui, i updated the wikihow package for this :slight_smile:

random how to intent fixed, please test again

OSOM! I would desire DeepL has a free API…