Testing and feedback - TTS Control

TTS control skill

allows to change or retrieve info about Text to Speech by voice


  • “what is the current voice”
  • “available voice engines”
  • “text to speech demo”
  • “change voice to alan pope”
  • “change voice to kusal”
  • “change voice to google”
  • “change voice to alan black”
  • “change voice to female”
  • “change voice to richard”
  • “change voice to amazon”
  • “change voice to whisper”

engines confirmed working: espeak, polly, google, mimic, mimic2


  • gui integration
  • “use that voice” follow up intent (voice demo)
  • improve selection by voice name for untested engines (yandex, bing, ibm)
  • PR fix for responsive voice in mycroft-core
  • consider removing requirement of HelloChatterbox/text2speech for voice validation/detection (ideally whole package would be PRed to/adopted by mycroft-core)

if anyone is using a untested paid TTS and wants to share a key for dev purposes i will improve support


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