Testing and feedback - REST Countries

Rest Countries Skill

data about countries from http://restcountries.eu/


country population, area, language, borders, currency, timezone, capital, denonyms…


  • “what is the size of portugal”
  • “what are the borders of portugal”
  • “what is the capital of portugal”
  • “what is the currency of portugal”
  • “what is the language of portugal”
  • “what is the population of portugal”
  • “what is the timezone of portugal”
  • “what are the people that live in portugal called”
  • “where is portuguese spoken”
  • “where is portugal located at”
  • “how many countries do you know about”
  • “what are the countries in europe”


  • use units from self.config_core when speaking country area
  • improve timezone spellings to use natural language
  • better region matching (it’s ok, but plots dont always match perfectly the answer)
  • use .dialog files everywhere, currently country lists are lazy responses
  • websettings for mapstyle
  • improve requirements handling, cartopy is optional and only needed for gui