Testing and Feedback Remember Skill

How to install Remember Skill

How to test Remember-Skill

Ask MyCroft to remember things for you.
“Hey mycroft, remember take the trash out”

Ask MyCroft what was remembered
“Hey mycroft, what did you remember”

Ask MyCroft to forget phrases previously remembered
“Hey mycroft, forget phrase take the trash out”


Skill is under development so any feedback is welcome and appreciated here or via [Mycroft Chat] -> @luke (https://chat.mycroft.ai).

@Luke just an fyi your github link includes the double quote " and does not properly link.

Thanks -> fixed now.

I think you mean git clone https://github.com/luke5sky/remember-skill
not “pull”. Pull only works if you have already cloned first.

Listed examples worked perfectly for me.

Here is an interesting case (that isn’t really your problem, per se):
I asked mycroft to remember “little jimmy 's mom 's name is genesis”. It recognized and recorded it correctly, and printed to mycroft-cli-client correctly, however, anytime it speaks it aloud, it pronounces the possessive “s” as a standalone “words”. Kind of like: “little jimmy ess mom ess is genesis”.

Here is another observation: I asked mycroft to remember to take out the trash twice. It added the phrase to the file twice, it was not “aware” that I had already asked for this. Then when I asked it to forget the phrase, it “forgot” only one instance of the phrase, and the other remained remembered. That might be “a feature not a bug”, I don’t really have a perspective on that, yet. Just FYI for now.

I really like that the data storage is local. In my opinion this is one of the distinguishing factors of Mycroft. I feel more secure and less invaded by this approach. And also local means we are a step closer (on-premises TTS needed still, at least) to being resilient against internet outage/isolation.

Also, it might be worthwhile to add some complexity to the file format: add a prefix which is date-and-time stamp of when the phrase was remembered. This could lead to further inquiries such as “when did I ask you to remember that?!” and/or “what is the most recent thing I asked you to remember” (although I guess that one is just the last line in the file), or “forget anything I told you more than three months ago”.