Testing and feedback - MyMPDplaylist-skill

Feel free to try it out and give me feedback
Anyone who can answer yes to three - especially the first two - or more questions should try this skill: Mympdplaylist-skill (GitHub - JoergZ2/mympdplaylist-skill: This skill enables the control of mpd playlists with internet streams or local music files.)

Are playlists used in MPD?
Is there more than one MPD player in my network?
Is there more than one Mycroft system in the house / apartment?
Do you want to be able to control all MPD players with all Mycroft systems?

What does the skill offer: control the current playlist, announce the existing playlists, load another playlist and start with the first track or another position, search the MPD music database. The development drive was the fact that the skill mpd_skill from forslund cannot handle (stored) playlists, but only the current one; the MPD database does not integrate the content of playlists and online streams (internet radios).
Important: Please deactivate or blacklist the skills mycroft-playback-control.mycroftai and mycroft-volume.mycroftai. I was not able to connect my skill to the common play environment. More about this in the wiki.
Languages: German (developer’s language) and translated en-us (mostly by deepl.com) - suggestions for improvement are welcome.

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I read through your wiki and it did not explain much about your issues with the common play environment. What problem did you encounter with connecting it to the CPS? I found the CPS to be anything but intuitive on my first pass on my kodi skill but after I did a bunch of trial and error programming I managed to figure out how it all works. I am interested in mpd but have not had much time to play around these days.

It’s been a couple of weeks now, but as far as I remember there were problems with all searches and controls related to custom playlists (not only the current one) and MPD database in my skill. It wasn’t sure for every case, that my skill is triggered. Sometimes the common-playback skill did something I don’t want to be done. I currently tried it with reactivated mycroft-playback-control.mycroftai skill and there are no more problems! I am confused! I think I can revise README.md and Wiki. Thanks for the feedback!

Update: The conflicts with the skill mycroft-volume.mycroftai are mostly eliminated. A blacklisting is no longer required. Notes on this in the README.md.

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