Testing and Feedback - movie eastereggs skill

I felt like writing a little skill again. this allows mycroft to use movie quotes to reply to you. if anyone has any ideas or improvements for quotes please contact me

say install GitHub - gras64/movie-eastereggs-skill

How to test movie eastereggs skill

Specify the steps the user should take to test the Skill, such as;

  • Speak valar morgulis
  • Mycroft should valar doharis
  • Speak ‘lumos’
  • Mycroft should say ‘turn on light’
  • or ‘it is forbidden to do magic among muggles’

you can enter a conversion sentence for real lumus on home.mycroft if you have FHEM or Homassistant. for example “switch on the light in the bedroom” this is then carried out via messagebuss. let me know if you have a better idea

Indicate clearly what constitutes a pass criterion for the Skill, and what constitutes a fail criterion.

Where feedback on movie eastereggs skill should be directed a

Be clear about how feedback on the Skill should be provided, such as through Issues on GitHub, via email or via Mycroft Chat.

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