Testing and feedback for TVHeadend Radio skill

On my home network, I have a TVHeadend server which provides access to broadcast and IP TV and radio channels. I have written this skill so that I can access this server and listen particularly to the streamed audio channels that the server knows about.

It appears to be working fine in my set-up so I providing it for others to use. Let me know how you get on with it and I will try to fix any bugs that are found. Suggestioins for enhancements would also be welcome.

The skill can be installed with:
msm install https://github.com/WhyNine/google-aiy-voicekitv2-skill

The skill gets the channel list from the TVHeadend server. The skill uses the Common Play Framework so you say "play ". By default the skill uses vlc as the backend to play the audio as I have found that better than the default player. If you experience glitches or clicks in the audio, I suggest you try installing vlc (sudo apt install vlc) to see if that cures the problem.

Once installed, there are a few configuration settings that the skill requires (such as the server name and username/password).

Feedback can either be posted here or on github.

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Does this skill include the Google aio voicekit? Or just access to tv headend?

No, it does not include the Google, but what you have found is that I referenced the wrong skill in the msm command! Thanks for finding that.

The correct command is:
msm install https://github.com/WhyNine/tvheadend-radio-skill


I was confused too. Don’t forget to update your initial post :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I don’t seem to have the option to edit my original post. I can see the “edit” icon on my second post but this is missing from the original. Is there another way to do it?