Testing and feedback for alternative Google AIY v2 skill

Similar to the version made by chiisaa (Google AIYv2 Skill), I separately modified the original skill from Andreas Lorensen to come up with a slightly different implementation.

In my version, the LED shows 3 different colours: one for when Mycroft is idle (waiting for wake word), another for when Mycroft is listening, and a third for when Mycroft is thinking about how to process the command. These colours are all set by the user.

The button works as before (short press to start command, long press to stop).

The skill assumes that you have the Google AIYv2 Bonnet already installed and working, which I know can be a bit tricky.

The skill can be installed using:
msm install https://github.com/WhyNine/google-aiy-voicekitv2-skill

To test this skill, just use Mycroft as normal and you should see the three different colours being displayed at the appropriate times.

Feedback can either be posted here or on github.

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