Testing and feedback - Email Commands Skill

Email Commands Skill

Control Mycroft by email


Allows you to send commands to mycroft by email, inspired by this blog post

Want to turn on the tv before you get home? or maybe you want to impress your friends and play your intro song just as you enter your house? use you phone and tell mycroft to do it

Skill configuration

I did not use mycroft home backend for skill settings, it is irresponsible
to get your email credentials in there. Instead you need to edit mycroft.conf

This is a security measure, i will not change this behaviour

I recommend you create a new email just for this

Add the following section to your mycroft.conf

"email": {
   "mail": "",
   "password": "",
   "whitelist": ["thisemail@isallowed.com", "email@thatcansend.commands"]

only mail, password and whitelist are required, other parameters use the
defaults for gmail, if using a different provider you might need to change address and port

time_between_checks is in seconds, it is the time to sleep between checking
for new emails, the “lag” between a command and its execution

whitelist is a list of emails allowed to send commands to mycroft, if the
sender is not in this list then the emails will be ignored

Email configuration

You might need to change some settings in your email provider, for gmail you need to


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