Test the Email Skill - NEW (1.6)

How to install the Email skill

Github repository: https://github.com/LinusS1/email-skill
Release notes: https://github.com/LinusS1/email-skill/releases

  • Install the Email skill by …
    • msm -l install https://github.com/linuss1/email-skill.git
  • If it installs requirements.txt -> The first test passed!
  • Email-skill connects to your email account:
    • To configure email-skill you need to enter the following on home.mycroft.ai:
      • Email address
      • Email password
      • Imap email server
      • Port for the email server

How to test SKILL NAME

Specify the steps the user should take to test the Skill, such as;

  • Say “Check my email”

If you don’t have any new emails, Mycroft should say that you don’t have any new emails.
If you do have new emails, Mycroft should read the sender and the subject of each email.

  • Say “Do I have any emails from < name >?”
    If you do, Mycroft should read them off, if you don’t then he will tell you that you don’t.

  • say "tell me when I get a new email*
    When you get a new email, within about 20 seconds, he should tell you.


You can post feedback here, on an issue on github , or message @brrn on Mycroft Chat.


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i suggest using https://github.com/seatgeek/fuzzywuzzy

this allows to match persons better, use the confidence to disambiguate, and maybe ask the user if there are similar sounding users and confidence is low

Thanks! Would using the Mycroft Core match_one be good enough?

thats also an option, you need to test to see how it behaves, fuzzywuzzy gives you more control over the kind of fuzzy matching you are performing

i guess performance will depend a bit on the kind of names in the contact list

for a first implementation match_one should be good enough, when/if problems are found consider adding a dropdown option in settings for the kind of fuzzy matching to perform

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Hi Linus,
that sounds very interesting. I’ll sure will test it some time, but right now I am to busy with other projects. One question so: would you recommend removing the old version of the skill first or will the new one cleanly install over the old?

Hey @Paul_Panther, thanks for offering to test!
I would remove the skill with msm, then reinstall by saying “install the beta version of email”