Test new skill that Mycroft teach. LearningSkill

When requesting assistance with testing out your Skill, be sure to provide the following information:

How to install LearningSkil

configured in Skill Settings.

  • you can choose a fallback option
  • you can set a path for your private questions
  • you can set a path for your puplic questions for mycroft upload (not jet)

How to test LearningSkill

Specify the steps the user should take to test the Skill, such as;

  • Configure the Skill Settings in home.mycroft.ai
  • Speak Intent phrase like:
    • Do you want to learn something
    • Do you already know this
    • There you can learn something
    • I show you something
  • Mycroft should ask something
    • it asks for a category, the question, keywords, and answers
    • after 4 steps, it should create 2 files under .mycroft/skillls/LearningSkill
    • At the end, a summary is issued

Indicate clearly what constitutes a pass criterion for the Skill, and what constitutes a fail criterion.

Where feedback on LearningSkill should be directed a

Be clear about how feedback on the Skill should be provided, such as through Issues on GitHub, via email or via Mycroft Chat.

Hi @gras64 - thank you for this Skill!

Are you able to include more information about how to test the Skill?
What sort of feedback are you looking for?

I currently have programming problems. Come slowly. Currently only the query of the data works.

So would you like us to assist with the programming issues?

I have released a new update. This will allow you to immediately respond to an unanswered request. Just say “I explain it to you” or “{category} is probably not your strength”. have fun while testing.

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I have an new great update. after wrong recognition you can say “use the alarm skill” and have the possibility to extend existing intents and save them to /.mycroft/skills/learning/skills. I would like to set up an integration of intents into existing skills. currently only intents are processed and no voc. variable questions are asked and existing intents are matched.

I’m still looking for a great way to send the intents to the developers. I would like poodle the most because I do not want to work with git

Thnx for this awesome skill!

I am wondering tho, how can I add categories?

Your github says this:

Add a new category

if you want to add a new category. you just have to add a category under mycroft ai. Mycroft will then ask you for the name in your language.

Please elaborate on what you mean by ‘under mycroft ai’… :wink:

-I tried adding them in the ‘fallback’-section of the Learning Skill settings, but that didn’t do anything
-I kindah would have expected Picroft to ask to create a new category if it couldn’t find it…

(and since I’m a n00b) Where does it store the items ‘learned’ if I don’t define a path in the settings? (and is there a way to backup this?)

ist actual under developing!!!
my ability to learn is just massive in the possibilities. if it still works then you have to create the categories under home.mycroft “humor,fallback,christmas,…”. if the skill does not find a vocab file on the system there is the question “I recognized a new category {{cat}}, what would you like to call it?”. a vocab file is then created from it under .mycroft/skills/learning.

maybe I’ll set up add category by language today.

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Yes, I understand :wink:

Today all of a sudden the categories from the ‘fallback’ -field in skills settings on the account page here, mycroft.ai were available!! So that works!

  • I experimented a bit today, totally awesome!!
  • Would be nice if we could adjust answers if Mycroft didn’t really understand what we said… *not sure how to implement this…

Keep up the great work!!

that goes with the skill already look at my examples on github. I only have problems expanding vocs because they depend on skill programm. but I’m working on it.

Ok, cool!

Is there a way to prioritize which ‘skill’ answers a question? *it worked in the past, no clue why I now get different answers

I taught Mycroft which is the best and which is the worst car brand in the world… *sorry I’m simple like that ;D

Now she answers not what I taught her ( I taught her the actual brands):

best: I have a Pokemon skill which can help you with that…
worst: I don’t like to talk negative…

feedback is also important to me. The files are stored under .mycroft / skills / learningskill. Maybe the problem is obvious. I could also change the priority of the fallback

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Great to hear! *hope I’m not too much trouble :wink:

The files in .mycroft / skills / learningskill look perfect to me! (opened them with Notepad++)

It seems that other skills/fallbacks/functions get priority over what I taught Mycroft using your awesome Learning skill… *I don’t know if something has been updated in the Skills-setup of Mycroft that has messed with the priorities? Since I do remember to have heard a correct reply before…

you can change Line 56 “self.register_fallback(self.handle_fallback, 6)”.
List off fallback:

1-4 RESERVED Unused for now, slot for pre-Padatious if needed
5 MYCROFT Padatious near match (conf > 0.8)
6-88 USER General
89 MYCROFT Padatious loose match (conf > 0.5)
90-99 USER Uncaught intents
100+ MYCROFT Fallback Unknown or other future use

Thnx for that! In what file can I change that?

in the https://github.com/gras64/learning-skill/blob/master/init.py File and I have update the skill with new futures 5 days ago. look at readme.

Ok, great! I’ll look into it!

Btw, I think something is wrong, that’s probably why it no longer worked (might not have been priorities, have tried another value but still fails). Then today I found out all my added categories are gone. I did now add them at mycroft.ai, but they still have not made it back…might that be why it’s broken? (the things I had Mycroft learn were in the custom ‘cars’-category)

yes that is so. the fallback function searches only for the categories. you can also force them in /opt/mycroft/skills/learning/settings.json

Thnx! I checked, the categories seem to have transferred over night, and I have tried with various priorities. It just doesn’t seem to work anymore… (I still can teach it new things tho)

the fallback function works for me. you can send me the data you have created in the skill folder so that I can find the error in myself. and I would like your settings.json too