Temporarily modifying settings during VK test

I’m the author of the Hubitat-Integration skill (burnsfisher/hubitat-integration). I’m currently running on picroft.

I’m trying to add new VK tests and one thing I’d like to test is that a reasonable thing happens if someone has a bogus Hubitat access token in their settings. I have not been able to see a way to change the settings in a test, only the configuration. (Or do they somehow come down to the same thing?)

Any ideas?

Thank, Burns

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I’m curious about the same thing. The metric/imperial system_units from the docs seems to be for GitHub - MycroftAI/skill-weather: Mycroft AI official Weather Skill, providing weather conditions and forecasts. but I don’t see where it consumes these values - it only consumes a setting called “units”. I’d like to be able to test various combinations of settings, mainly so I can stub out the behaviour during the testing.

@burns this looks like what we want Add VK Step: Given <some> setting is <value> · Issue #2633 · MycroftAI/mycroft-core · GitHub

Yes, I agree. I had not found that issue before. I’m not sure about the issues that that issue seemed to fork off on…but what the original poster asked for would be ideal.

I have added “fake devices” to my skill, since the real devices (like “Bookcase light”) are specific to the user’s home–the skill downloads them from a hub on startup. So I always include a couple devices like “testOn” and “testLevel” and then the VK test utterance is “turn on testOn”. I suppose one could add a “fake intent” that the VK test could use and change the setting internally. But the more “fake stuff” we use, the less real the test is.