Talking to yourself

The idea is give Mycroft the ability to save(locally) the audio of the last spoken sentence even if the sentence does not contain the wake word, but not send the sentence to the cloud for transcription until the user gives Mycroft the OK to do so by referring to what was said before.
This would make the following use cases possible:

“I need to pick up eggs at the store.” “Hey Mycroft, add those to my shopping list, along with bacon.”
“I would like to know the president of the united state’s birthday.” “Hey Mycroft, find that.”
“Without you I am not sad, my soul merely waits for your returning.” “Hey Mycroft, save that poem.”

Of coarse you would want the sentences deleted after they are used and also after a certain time period, so you don’t get results based off of a sentence you said over a minute ago.


I don’t necessarily think we need to send this to the cloud for storage. We could implement something that retains the prior audio clip locally, and will transcribe it if a skill requests. It’s an interesting idea!

I agree. (sorry if I didn’t explain well) When I said “send the sentence to the cloud” I was referring to the process of converting the speech into text, but only if the user allows it to happen.(by some means controlled by a skill) Otherwise, the audio clip would stay on the local device, not being converted to text, and would be deleted within a set period of time.

I like this idea too. Hadn’t thought of it before. Obv. we’d want to keep the recording local of course, but as to the expiration date (or rather time), what would be a good default time? I think even as low as one minute would be fine, as it’s unlikely there would be a follow-up after that point.

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I like the timeout of the sentence and also putting a limit on the sentences stored. this should be optional with a warning that it will be constantly recording.

Hi Jessica, Are you still out there? I saw you introduced yourself and no one responded. I seem to be late to the game here as all posts are around last year. I have a cool project that I’m about to do if you are interested…