Taking Bets, What Is Our Final Funding Level?

I’m making a bet, I say we end up at $126k. Let me know what you think!

I going to say :moneybag:125K

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I think we will come so close…124k. We only have 7 hours left.

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I hope we pass the 125K, but I’m with Kris, my bet is $124.545 to be exact :wink:


Lol, impressive exact prediction! :smile:

It’s probably going to be right around $125K, hopefully over.

So, I was wrong. Not going to revise. I will be surprised in the AM.

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$125,254 - Not bad considering my original projections (based on less than 7 days data) were for $110,000.

You guys have done a stellar job.

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It’s not over yet, less than two hours. Let’s see if it hits my prediction!

It’s over, and no one guessed correctly. Except my wife, who didn’t post her bet here - so it doesn’t count :slight_smile: