System skill "reboot" fails

If I command to reboot, MyCroft replies “Confirming: Would you like me to restart now?”. No matter how hard I shout YES, MyCroft doesn’t restart.
What’s the right answer??

 >> Confirming: Would you like me to turn myself off?                                                                                                                     --- 55.68

So if you repeat yes enough, MyCroft hears me, but just keeps running.

Yes, I got the same results:

07:30:12.510 | INFO     | 99535 | __main__:handle_wakeword:71 | Wakeword Detected: hey mycroft
 07:30:12.943 | INFO     | 99535 | __main__:handle_record_begin:41 | Begin Recording...
 07:30:14.767 | INFO     | 99535 | __main__:handle_record_end:49 | End Recording...
 07:30:15.583 | INFO     | 99535 | __main__:handle_utterance:76 | Utterance: ['reboot']
 07:30:18.849 | INFO     | 99535 | __main__:handle_record_begin:41 | Begin Recording...
 07:30:22.045 | INFO     | 99535 | __main__:handle_record_end:49 | End Recording...
 07:30:23.060 | INFO     | 99535 | __main__:handle_utterance:76 | Utterance: ['yes']

But no reboot :expressionless:

-Mike Mac

mycroft-Mark2 skill could respond to the message (“system.reboot”) sent by the mycroft-stop skill.
( triggering["/usr/bin/systemctl", "reboot"]) )

Glad I’m not alone. Shared grief… :slight_smile:

But it doesn’t…
Can we do something to solve this?

i wouldn’t know if the mark2-skill is even on your system/running (if picroft is configured)

Are you sure? I find this info on the skill:

Skill: System (General system control)

Supported devices

Mark I
Mark II

After you confirm with “yes”, a dialog (" Rebooting now, I’ll be right back"/“Restarting, back in a few minutes”- presuming you are running lang en-us) is spoken? Which would indicate that the message is received by skill-mark2.

the reboot is hardcoded in the enclosure code in mycroft, so unless you have a mk1 or mk2 it wont reboot

in ovos we have a PHAL plugin handling this, you can just run it in your vanilla mycroft device if you want to, or duplicate the plugin and make a skill listening to the bus messages

So Mycroft should speak “You can’t reboot unless you have the right enclosure”, not “Are you sure?”, no?

-Mike Mac

send a PR to the skill then :stuck_out_tongue:

for current implementation that would be better than pretending it will reboot without rebooting, but i really hope we can just stop hardcoding enclosures!

why make the skill useless everywhere else? if you run phal plugin above (or your own dedicated platform plugin/skill) you get reboot functionality anywhere you want since it follows the bus api spec, but harcoding an enclosure will simply skip it