Submitting My First Skill

Hey All,
I am hoping to get a bit of coaching here. With the Python 3.4 roll out imminent I am educating myself on providing skills to the community. At this point I have a handful of skills that I have been testing on my own platform as I am definitely a rookie when it comes to github. As I attempt to bring myself up to speed with the skill submission requirements that @KathyReid laid out in her recent blog post I thought I would attempt to submit a simple skill to understand and learn from the process. So at this point I have provided my working code on Github but am hoping for some coaching from the community to get this submitted into the active core.
The skill can be found here…

Thanks for being so pro-active @pcwii! Very happy to help!

Right now, in preparation for both Skill Branching and the adoption of Python 3.4+, the key things you should be doing are:

  • ensuring your code works under Python 3.4+. My colleague @forslund is currently working very hard to ensure our automated testing framework handles not only Python 3.4, but several other Python versions. We’ll be publishing a blog post on Thursday containing lots of resources and guides to assist.

  • read through our Automated Testing information to be aware of what that will cover, and be aware of the changes in Skill Branching. Essentially, you will need to write and run Unit Tests before the Skill is accepted, following the Skills Acceptance Process, then when your Skill is ready to be merged to mycroft-skills, you issue a PR on the 18.02 branch, not the master branch, as you would have done previously.

Let’s walk through this on Thursday after 18.2.6b drops - which will include automated testing, branching and Python 3.4+ changes.