Submitting Mark 1 init.d script changes

I have a few intents that require the speech client to restart. Easy on my dev machine, but a little more involved on the Mark 1.

I changed the mycroft scripts in /etc/init.d

  • made the speech client restart work
  • moved the PID directories to /var/log/mycroft, to get around permission denied on the remove of the pid file.
  • made the speech client restart differently using the command directly, without using ‘su’ – permission problems again.

So the question is: If/When I do a pull request for my changes, how should I include these script changes? Should they be part of the picroft-enclosure repository?


I was messing around with those also. I got lots of errors on permission as the mycroft user creates the pid file but the pi user runs the script and can’t delete it. I ended up using sudo in the script to get around that on creating and deleting the pid…

HI, the init scripts are setup in the mycroft-core package and I don’t think the repo for that is open at the moment. I’ll talk to the rest of the dev team about that.

In the meantime you should reach out to arron-mycroft on the chat and discuss the changes. He knows most about those scripts.