Stopping a MyCroft instance stops casting to A chromecast

I am running the latest DEV branche that just got tagged as 18.2.6 (14803710f797d5096d9a3adac783ae5cbdadcbc2) of MyCroft on my Ubuntu 18.04 laptop.

Issue: Whenever some device on the same network the MyCroft instance is running on, is casting something to a google chromecast. Quitting MyCroft is also quitting the broadcast. Now that should not be an issue if it is MyCroft that is casting. However MyCroft is quitting ANY casting on the network ?!?

Easy reproducable: Casting anything from for instance youtube from your phone or (other) laptop. As soon as you quit MyCroft the casting stops.

So for some reason, quitting MyCroft does something to the google casting on the network ???

Is it me / my network / equipment, or is anybody experiencing the same or can reproduce it as well?


Shutting down MyCroft, initiates; pychromecast to quit the chromecast.

“pychromecast - INFO - Quitting current app”
"pychromecast.controllers - INFO - Receiver:Stopping current app ‘12F05308’ "

Now again, all fine that MyCroft stops the Chromecast IF itself was casting, however MyCroft should not touch castings on the network, that are not his !!!

If I am casting from my phone to the TV, this has nothing todo with MyCroft, so MyCroft should NOT stop that casting. As I see it now, stopping MyCroft is stopping ALL castings on the network. (Freaking annoying)

Thanks for pointing this out. will add a fix for this.

@forslund has done a fix for this.

Many thanks, Åke!

Cool thanks! Will pull it in, but all I was asking for was; If someone could reproduce it so I knew it was me/my instance/network/etc…

But I will take it :slight_smile:

Great work.

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