Static or cracking on the speaker (Mark I)

Is anyone else getting feedback or crackling and pops on the speaker? I have emailed Mycroft support almost 2 weeks ago but gotten no response.

Any idea what the likely culprit could be?

Snap, crackle & pop from the speaker could be caused by local interference. (You may notice that a mobile phone left sitting within 3 feet/1m of any audio amp creates annoying interference every time it checks into a nearby cell). I have not suffered with any interference (except from my mobile) on my home-made Pi/Picroft system.

You could try moving the unit to another power socket in your house or even try running it at a friends house (just to diag the problem). But if you are suffering from audio feedback (e.g. howl-around) thats a different problem.

I’ll try a different outlet. I don’t think it is due to a mobile phone because it happens about every time regardless of whether I or my phone is near the Mark I.

Hello @klundry sorry to hear about your speaker problem. You may have a defective unit. If you can PM me your name, or the email that you used on backerkit, we can send you information on how to return the unit for some fixin.