Startup Weekend Hudson Valley

Hello Mycrofters,

I signed up for an event for prospective startup entrepreneurs. It starts Friday night in Kingston NY. See Techstars Community Events

I’m hoping to make a go of a 2.1 channel boombox, with a Raspberry Pi running mycroft, playing music upon request and answering other questions. Perhaps I’m a bit long in the tooth for this type of thing, but who says you can’t do this at the other end of your career :slight_smile:

Kathy R - the Bachelor Thesis you cited is a great source of material. Thanks for that pointer.

Just thought the community might be interested. I’ll report back after the event is over. …

-Mike M.

I threw my best pitch, but did not make the top 5 of 28 presenters. Still, it was a cool venue.


Hey Mike, was this a custom boom box? If so do you have any photos (or video) of your creation?

Winning isn’t everything either - just great to have fun :slight_smile:


Yes, here’s a picture:


No video yet, need to get the Jellyfin skill working …