Start.Mycroft.Ai not working

Okay so I just received my Mycroft. Plugged it in, ethernet and all, and couldn’t find it on my phone and couldn’t connect to on my pc.

Any advice?


I was able to connect to my wifi but Mycroft is not displaying any registration code.

I didn’t use the Desktop app but also had problems pairing my device.

I just connected to it over ssh and then I entered the client(CLI) mode with the script and manually entered ‘pair my device’ over the keyboard. After that it spitted out the pairing code , I was able to pair and now I also can control it per voice.

Don’t know if this is a bug because I use a custom mycroft device.

Hey Somebodywhoisntme,
When you started your Mycroft where did you go to actually ./

I am having a hard time with voice interactions getting mycroft to respond consistently.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Where I cloned the mycroft-core folder with git.


But I think I’ll throw this project. The support and documentation here really sucks. Have the feeling only mycroft users who had payed will be supported.

I had a look at this alexa pi thing on github. My first impression is that it must way easier to setup and add new skills so I don’t get whats mycroft for or which hoöe it should fill?

Thanks SBWIM,
Sorry you have gotten so frustrated. I will use your suggestion.