Start a spesific webpage

Hi Im a noob here… Just started to play with mycroft and love it
But i’m trying to find a way to open a webpage and do not have the beste programing skills.

I need mycroft to run `‘’)
when I speak the key words

the speaking is working but how to make the open webpage action ?

my .py file looks like this … all fresh

from mycroft import MycroftSkill, intent_file_handler

class StartFirefox(MycroftSkill):
def init(self):


def handle_firefox_start(self, message):

def create_skill():
return StartFirefox()

any easy way to do this ?

You did not specifiy which operating system/gui you are using. In case you are on Linux/KDE you might want to have a look at following skills which allow interaction with operating system and desktop:

I use Kde Neon… none of those skills can open a webpage

(I have tried skill-desktop-launcher-19.08 to, but can not get it to work)