Spotify Skill on Raspberry PI

I want to use mycroft to play from my spotify premium account on my raspberry pi.

Spotify Skill now installed, Connected and authorised by Spotify Premium. Mycroft installed the skill easily and told me to get it authorised which i did. But Mycroft on my PI is very firm that no spotify eligible devices exist. What do I need to do. I have tried stop and restart… Note that I have not consciously installed Picroft. However Mycroft and I have had good chats since it was installed yesterday.

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OK, I’ve seen this error before.

There are two levels of authentication for Spotify. See this pull request for specific instructions on the two different authentications required.

I have tried I really have! I have searched Spotify inside out but can find nowhere to enter my mycroft id and password to authorise a device. I have looked at Spotify Connect but similarly fallow ground. This should be so easy but it isnt or I am very stupid which I could be. I know there are services that allow me to use the pi as a spotify player.But I want to do it by voice through Mycroft. I need guidance please

You are not stupid and there are no stupid questions here. If it’s confusing, it’s because our instructions are not clear, my apologies.

I’ve just tested here and I’m getting an error too, I’m going to dig into it.

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So, trying to solve this one step at a time - this is where in the Spotify settings that I have to set a Device Password:

When I try to use Spotify, I’m getting some errors but I will raise a separate Issue on the Spotify Skill repo for that.

Hello, I am facing the same issue! Any news?

Finaly got it working. You need some sort of Spotify client on the RPi for this skill to see it. I recommend Raspotify.

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From memory, the Spotify Skill has raspotify in its - I’m curious if it’s not being installed automatically when the Skill is installed?

Yes, I hadn’t seen that. But looking at it now ( it seems to be incorrect… Raspotify’s owner, Dtcooper, suggests a different wway of installing it, by curl’ing his install script directly from his github page, wich works like a charm.
I have proposed a change in

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Thank you for the PR!